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With over 45 years of dependable staffing solutions, we are a leading provider of statewide employment opportunities since 1974. We place well-qualified individuals with the right employer. We have matched thousands of job seekers with leading companies and businesses in all types of industries and we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

The Personalized Approach to Your Personnel

Every company has a unique set of employment requirements. We work closely with you to determine the most qualified job seeker(s) that match your job criteria. By working together we can reduce your staffing costs and increase your staffing flexibility.

Affordable Staffing Solutions

Recruiting, overhead and turnover add to the increasing costs of hiring staff. Our rates are competitive and flexible to better control costs. Our clients save money that would otherwise be spent for advertising, interviewing, hiring and even firing. Costs such as unemployment compensation, workers compensation and other required employee tax obligations are either significantly reduced or eliminated.

Temporary Staffing

Consider flexible staff during peak productivity periods, seasonal periods or special projects. Ensure that the quality of your work will continue seamlessly while your employee is on vacation, sick leave, parental leave or family leave. We provide staff where you need it and when you need it. No job is too large or too small!


Temp-to-hire is a hybrid of temporary staffing and direct hire. Temp-to-hire is an excellent option for both the business and the job seeker. It allows the employer to test the talent for a timeframe and lets the potential employee prove himself or herself to the company to see if he/she fits in with the company culture. Our temporary to a permanent placement is an excellent probationary tool.

Direct Hire

When businesses have long-term needs, direct hire is the best option. Through our extensive recruiting efforts, we increase the productivity and quality of your workforce. Our comprehensive evaluations provide you with the most qualified job seekers for your company.

Our Talent

Our staffing associates are only temporary in the eyes of our client. To us, they are OUR employees! Our detailed selection process includes all of the crucial steps you would require in your own hiring plan. We conduct face-to-face interviews, background checks, skills assessments, drug tests, reference checks and employment eligibility verification. We complete all prescreening to reflect your internal hiring process so that you only see qualified candidates.


Temporary workers are cost-effective. Hiring temporary worker during peak times can reduce overtime for permanent employees and help with overall staffing. There are no costs associated with recruiting, payroll, insurance and benefits. Minimize your expenses with lower turnover, lower separation benefits, and lower insurance rates.


We have provided temporary workers for over 45 years. We match qualified job seekers to the right job. The applications are almost limitless. An excellent, efficient team is available to handle all your staffing needs with the ability to provide from one to 150 employees at any single time.


We pay temporary staff weekly. You receive a weekly invoice for hours worked. The employee’s qualification and your needs set the rates. We take care of Social Security Tax, Income Tax, Compensation and the W-2 Form so that you can focus on your other business needs.


We screen, test and interview each recruit maintaining an active roster to assist you quickly and efficiently. Job seekers are also required to pass a background check and drug test. Our recruits must meet strict qualifications before they are allowed to work for our service.

Over 45 Years of Staffing Excellence

Lubbock Temporary Help Services is a staffing company based in Lubbock, Texas. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and are positioned to accommodate diversity requirements, government regulations and primary contract prerequisites.

Your Staffing Solution

Recruiting, overhead and turnover add to the increasing costs of hiring staff. The rates at Lubbock Temporary Help Services are competitive which offers you the flexibility to better control costs. We provide staff where you need it and when you need it.

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